Summer Series Scoring

The Showdown Crown is the most prestigious award handed out in the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit.  It symbolizes achievement at the highest level and is commemorated by a set of custom rings for the winning team.  The scoring format in the overall points race assigns a score based on where a team finishes in each tournament.  Through a linear scoring format, the point system emphasizes performance at a high level and consistency, the benchmark of a true champion in any sport.  If there is a tie based on the scoring system, the tie breaker will be determined by whichever team has the highest total weight for the season.  The scoring format for the series is as follows:

Points Format

1st Place 31 pts
2nd Place 29 pts
3rd Place 28 pts
4th Place 27 pts
5th Place 26 pts
6th Place 25 pts
7th Place 24 pts
8th Place 23 pts
9th Place 22 pts
10th Place 21 pts
11th Place 20 pts
12th Place 19 pts
13th Place 18 pts
14th Place 17 pts
15th Place 16 pts
16th Place 15 pts
17th Place 14 pts
18th Place 13 pts
19th Place 12 pts
20th Place 11 pts
21th Place 10 pts
22nd Place 9 pts
23rd Place 8 pts
24th Place 7 pts
25th Place 6 pts
26th Place 5 pts
27th Place 4 pts
28th Place 3 pts
29th Place 2 pts
30th Place 1 pt

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