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Quest for the Crest

True champions don’t make pit stops in victory lane – they live there.  That is the driving concept behind the highly touted ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish Series.  This iconic series hosts some of the best billfishing teams on the face of the planet. 

Operation Sailfish

As the first leg in the highly touted, ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish Series, each and every team will be on a mission to kickstart their series with a strong performance in the season opener.




Sailfish 400




Sailfish Challenge

Leg 2 in the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series, the Sailfish Challenge has quickly become one of the most popular and arguably the largest Sailfish tournaments in the country. 58 boats and more than 500 anglers competed in the 2018 event.

Final Sail

Final Sail is the 'grand finale' of the 3-leg Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series on April 3-7, 2019.




If you like fishing for Dolphin, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna and Cobia, then you will love the format of the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit.   The PBSC is a 3-leg tournament trail that takes place annually in South Florida between May and August.  Leg 1 of the series begins in May with the Saltwater Shootout, followed by the Saltwater Slam in June and the Saltwater Showdown held each year in August.

Saltwater Shootout

Spring tournament fishing in South Florida kicks off with The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Shootout. The Saltwater Shootout is the first leg in South Florida's largest tournament trail. The Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit. Teams travel from near and far to enjoy the festivities and take a chance at over $275,000 in cash and prizes.

Saltwater Slam

Strategy is the name of the game moving into the second leg of the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit: The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam. The Saltwater Slam provides the last opportunity for teams to make the cut as one of the elite 75 boats to qualify for the invitation only championship leg of the PBSC. Held in June, the Saltwater Slam offers great timing for families to round up the kids and enjoy a great weekend in a family oriented South Florida fishing tournament. 



Saltwater Showdown



Tensions are high as the top fishing teams in South Florida arrive to compete in the final leg of one of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in the Southeast: The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Showdown. Teams accumulate points over the course of the 3-leg series in the chase after the circuit's most prestigious award: The Showdown Crown.