Pompano beach


Jac Palhus


Allen Escuage, Fred kaub, Jac Palhus, MC Wysocki,

Years Fishing Together



27 onslow bay 39 seavee


Twin 300s trip 350s
  • Favorite Bait

    Cigar minnow

  • Top 3 Tournament Achievements

    First place chasin tails kdw5th place overall ifc gold cup 2nd place fish for holly

  • Sponsors

    Hypower, billfishinc, Guy Harvey

  • Favorite Species To Catch


  • Favorite Fishing Destination

    Lake Worth Pier

  • Any Superstitions

    We all have the same job, regardless who is better

  • Any Pre-Tournament Rituals

    Mtnw dew and an energy drink shot gun

  • Testimonial

    We have all grown up in South Florida and have started competing at the age of 14. We started fishing these tournaments in 19-20 foot boats using ballyhoo and blue runners and the few gogs we could catch, and now we are all 21 years old and actually compete. Most of us are still in school and we are actually becoming a threat. We fish hard but we have a blast doing it. No doubt in my mind we are one of the youngest groups of guys to do so. We tackled the feat of catching 64 sailfish in a day in the keys, we also talked a top 5 finish in a month long series in a place we are not accustomed to. So I believe the best is yet to come.

Team Video


Everyone say a prayer we win this weekend #fyp #foryou #florida #gold #fishing

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