SeaVee 3-Peat

Blue Moon.

Tax Relief.

Mow Money.

What do these 3 teams all have in common?


They all fish on SeaVee boats and all three are in contention for the 2021 Showdown Crown!

SeaVee Boats is looking to 3-Peat the Showdown Crown this year, as it would be the third year in a row that a SeaVee team claimed the top spot for the PBSC! Living Water/Makin’ Time won it all last year and Blue Moon claimed the crown in 2019.


Will SeaVee complete the 3-Peat? With 3 out of the top 5 teams in contention for the 2021 crown fishing on a SeaVee boat, their chances of a 3-Peat are very likely!


Tax Relief (34 SeaVee) won this year’s Shootout and is in 2nd for this year’s crown with 52 points, just one point behind first place team, Digger Rich.

Not far behind them is team Blue Moon (34 SeaVee). Blue Moon won the 2019 Showdown Crown and is currently sitting in 3rd place with a total of 51 points for this year’s crown.

Mow Money (39 SeaVee) rounds out the top 5 for the 2021 Showdown Crown with 47 points.



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