Liquidated: 12th Annual Operation Sailfish Champions


January 2024

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Shattering Records at the 12th Annual Operation Sailfish


Last year at Operation Sailfish, records were broken, and this year, records were shattered. During the 12th Annual Operation Sailfish, Leg 1 of The Quest For The Crest Sailfish Series, a field of 62 teams turned out at Sailfish Marina Resort to battle it out for a $632,300 purse and the prestigious champions’ dog tags.


In addition to another record-setting fleet of teams, the signature “Take A Hero Fishing Day” hosted its largest number of heroes again this year with 47 veterans and 19 teams while raising $6,750 for Operation Homefront.  “Take A Hero Fishing Day” is an event hosted in advance of Operation Sailfish competition days to thank our true American Heroes, active and retired United States military, for their selfless commitment to protect & serve. Operation Sailfish proudly supports its charitable partner, Operation Homefront, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families that can thrive in the communities they’ve worked hard to protect.


Kicking Things Off, Partying, & Rocking The Night Away 


The week of events kicked off with the captain’s meeting on January 17th at Sailfish Marina Resort in West Palm Beach, featuring a grand opening ceremony and a US military salute by the Operation Homefront Color Guard. After the official start, competing teams enjoyed complimentary cocktails from Islamorada Brewery & Distillery, Papa’s Pilar, Josh Wines and Landshark Lager with dinner, accompanied by a record-setting number of tournament sponsors and vendors, including our new presenting sponsor of the series, Raymarine, as well as our:


  • New Marine Construction Sponsor, APH Marine Construction 
  • New Marine Detailing Sponsor, Clearshine Detailing
  • Official Apparel Sponsor, Pelagic Gear
  • Official Eyewear Sponsor, Costa Del Mar
  • Featured Trophy Artist, Eddie Forbes
  • Marine Hardware Sponsor, GEMLUX
  • New & Exclusive SeaKeeper Dealer, Land & Sea Professionals
  • New Luxury Dock Box Sponsor, Mazarine
  • New Technology & Communications Sponsor, Network Innovations
  • Charitable Partner of Operation Sailfish, Operation Homefront
  • Custom Rod Outfitter, Randy Towe Handmade Rods
  • Marine Solution Sponsor, Flushmaster by Sea Mule
  • Satellite Weather & Fishmapping Sponsor, Sirius XM Marine


Friday evening, teams enjoyed a C&L Insurance-sponsored happy hour at the Sailfish Marina & Resort Tiki Bar and Saturday night APH Marine-sponsored Spirit of America Concert featuring the Andrew Morris Band on the south lawn at Sailfish Marina & Resort.


The Battle Recap


Day One


The bite on Day One was relatively slow, with 56 total releases on the day. The top five teams on day one were fan favorites. In 1st, Sailfish Marina home team Trophy Wife, captained by Randy Yates and accompanied by Pelagic Pro-Staffer Chip Sheehan, took the lead Friday morning with 7 releases, taking home the Day One Early Bite and First in the Tier One and Tier Two Daily Calcuttas for a total of $57,970. In 2nd, the Pompano Beach young guns onboard Skipjac took charge of the small boat division on their 27’ center console with 4 releases, cashing in on Second in the Tier One and Tier Two Daily Calcuttas for a total of $26,190.


Rounding out the pack, the 2023 Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series top teams showed up in typical fashion. The current world champions REMIX fishing on their brand-new Contender 44ST finished the day with a $4,140 payout with Third in the Tier 1 Daily Calcutta, beating out 2023 Series runners-up Three R’s on time with 3 releases each, finishing 3rd and 4th, respectively. MDALA finished 5th on Day 1 with 2 releases, beating out eight other teams on time.


While the sailfish bite was mild, the meatfish bite was hot for several teams in the tournament. Caught Slippin won the meatfish daily on their 39’ Contender with 4 kingfish totaling 186.3lbs and $10,710 in daily prize money. 


Day One Standings


Day One Leaderboard


1st – Trophy Wife – 7 Points


2nd – Skipjac –  4 Points


3rd – REMIX – 3 Points


4th – Three R’s – 3 Points


5th – MDALA – 2 Points


 Tier One Daily – 50/30/20 Split


1st – Trophy Wife – 7 Points – $10,350 Payout


2nd – Skipjac –  4 Points – $6,210 Payout


3rd – REMIX – 3 Points – $4,140 Payout


Tier Two Daily – 70/30 Split


1st – Trophy Wife – 7 Points – $46,620 Payout


2nd – Skipjac –  4 Points – $19,980 Payout


Dynamite Daily – Meatfish 70/30 Split 


1st – Caught Slippin – Aggregate – 186.3 Points – $10,710 Payout


2nd – Seapremacy – Aggregate – 142.4 Points – $4,590 Payout


Day Two


Day Two was another story, as the weather conditions lined up in favor of a better bite, with winds pushing out of the North at 10-20 knots. It was game on with 74 releases in the morning, with 18 of those early bites being traded between Day Two Top Teams Liquidated (7 points), Odyssey (6 Points), Sir’Reel (6 Points), Badboyz (5 points), and Sailfish Marina charter boat Fish On (6 Points), rounding out the pack in the afternoon.


Leading Day Two in First Place, team Liquidated, Captained by Danny Clinton, took home the Early Bite and First in the Tier One and Tier Two Dailies with 7 releases, cashing in on $57,970. Followed by Odyssey for Second in the Tier One and Tier Two Dailies, with 6 releases, for a $28,690 check. Falling short of Odyssey on time was 2023 Operation Sailfish Champions, Fish On in Third, taking charge of the afternoon bite with 6 releases for a $5,140 payout from the Late Bite and third in the Tier One Daily Calcutta.


As the Sailfish bites lit up, the meatfish bags got heavier. Slob City hauled in a 153lb bag of Kings to bring their weekend total to 271.7lb, winning them the overall Meat Fish Aggregate and First in Dynamite Daily for a total of $13,210. But Miss Michelle stole the show with their 51lb King, the heaviest fish of the tournament, taking home the Grand Daddy Division, and First in the Big Fish Bonanza, First in The Big Three, Second in the Dynamite Daily Calcuttas for a whopping payout of $37,565.


Day Two Standings


Day Two Leaderboard


1st – Liquidated – 7 Points


2nd – Odyssey –  6 Points


3rd – Fish On – 6 Points


4th – Sir’Reel – 6 Points


5th – Badboyz – 5 Points


Tier One Daily – 50/30/20 Split


1st – Liquidated – 7 Points – $10,350 Payout


2nd – Odyssey –  6 Points – $6,210 Payout


3rd – Fish On – 6 Points – $4,140 Payout


Tier Two Daily – 70/30 Split


1st – Liquidated – 7 Points – $46,620 Payout


2nd – Odyssey –  6 Points – $19,980 Payout


Dynamite Daily – Meatfish 70/30 Split 


1st – Slob City – Aggregate – 153 Points – $10,710 Payout


2nd – Seapremacy – Aggregate – 82.3 Points – $4,590 Payout


Top Teams


Overall Leaderboard


1st – Liquidated – 8 Points


2nd – Fish On – 8 Points


3rd – Trophy Wife – 7 Points


4th – Odyssey –  6 Points


5th – Skipjac –  6 Points


Highest Earnings


1st – Liquidated – $229,290


2nd – Fish On – $86,970


3rd – Trophy Wife – $70,570


4th – Miss Michelle – $37,565


5th – Skipjac – $37,565






Mission Accomplished


Liquidated Secures Operation Sailfish Champion Dog Tags


Each year, elite sailfishing teams from across the country gather to compete against the best of the best on the world stage – the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. This year was no exception. Months before Operation Sailfish, Leg One of the series, Patrick Wieland, owner of Liquidated, approached us with one goal in mind: to compete against the best and win.


Preparing the team’s 36’ center console for the series and assembling a skilled crew of anglers, they were determined to prove they had what it takes to compete in their debut at Operation Sailfish. While Day One saw a single late bite, Liquidated made a powerful comeback on Day Two. Capt. Danny Clinton positioned them in the bite on Saturday morning, hammering down 7 releases and propelling them into first place to secure the win.


Congratulations on accomplishing the mission; Liquidated’s title of 2024 Operation Sailfish Champions is set in stone. Well done!


On to the next one


The 21st Annual Sailfish Challenge hosted by Galuppi’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in Pompano Beach and benefiting The Billfish Foundation is set for February 21-25, 2024. Leg 2 of The Quest For The Crest allows teams to compete out of three inlets. With 3 checkpoints from Government Cut in Miami to Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach and Lakeworth Inlet in West Palm, flexibility is the name of the game. If the bite shifts north or south, this signature format gives teams the opportunity to get to the fish and still make check-in at the end of the day!


The 3-inlet format isn’t the only signature aspect of the Challenge. The tournament also boasts a unique ‘Coin Challenge’ competition that randomly assigns teams in groups by color to see who can release the most sailfish in the tournament! Call us in the office at 954-725-4010 or visit fish.bluewatermovements.com to register your team today. 


 Early Entry is $1,200 per boat, and Late Entry after February 7th is $1,700 per boat




This iconic series hosts some of the top billfishing teams in the sport. Teams in this 3-leg series are expected to compete for an estimated purse of over $1.8 million. However, the most coveted award – The Crest – doesn’t come in the form of a cash prize. The Crest represents the pinnacle of tournament sailfishing. It is viewed as the highest accolade bestowed upon a team.  Presented in jacket form, competitors must emerge as the most dominant among an elite field in order to don the burgundy jacket. Privilege is earned, not given, on this quest to crown a world champion.




Bluewater Movements, Inc., is a sports marketing company based in South Florida, the sport fishing capital of the world. Throughout the past 28 years, our team has developed some of the most successful competitive fishing events in the industry. Our background in tournament fishing, coupled with our expertise in event marketing, has enabled a premium experience for tournament anglers and sponsors. Within our portfolio, there are seven wildly popular fishing tournaments, all hosted at various venues across South Florida.

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