Florida Sailfish Cup Update: Killbox Leading The Pack – 55 Releases in Two Days



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One Team, Two Days, 55 Releases!


The Sailfish have landed in the Keys, and the bite is HOT! Florida Sailfish Cup Keys Zone team Killbox took full advantage of the forecast this past weekend and scored big, scheduling two fishing days back to back on January 27th & 28th. On their first scheduled fishing day, the team, captained by Cody Darbie, released a tournament record 32 Sails, including a triple which was featured in PELAGIC’s release of the week, winning the team a pair of PELAGIC sunglasses. After a banner day on the water, they decided to test their luck by scheduling a second fishing day, which paid off, releasing 23 more sails, totaling 55 in two days! 


Watch Killbox’s PELAGIC release of the week triple at the bottom of sailfishcup.com home page.


As of right now, Killbox is sweeping the board in 1st place in the Overall standings, 1st place in The Keys Zone, and 1st place in the Tier 1 Daily, Tier 2 Daily, 50/30/20, 70/30, Winner Take All, Outboard Only, and Small Boat Only Calcuttas. Killbox now has one more fishing day left to schedule, plus a mulligan day to use if they choose to. If they can hold the lead until the end of May, they’ll see a hefty payout along with the prestigious Florida Cup title.


Killbox was not alone on the water over the weekend. Florida Cup South Zone Team Priceless, Captained by Jorge ‘Tido’ Sanchez, went out on January 27th and returned with nine releases. They are currently in the money in 2nd place in the Overall Standings, 1st place in the South Zone, and 2nd in the Tier 1 Daily and 50/30/20 Calcuttas. There’s still plenty of fishing left with the ability for competitors to schedule days through the end of May, however, Priceless is off to a solid start in the South Zone.


With four months left to fish, many teams yet to schedule a fishing day, and a few tournaments along the way, we’re hoping to see the competition start to heat up and put some numbers on the board. What kind of action will the month of February bring? Stay tuned to the Sailfish Cup leaderboard for live-action updates!


For more information on the Florida Sailfish Cup, please call 954-725-4010, email info@bluewatermovements.com, or visit www.sailfishcup.com




Imagine a fishing tournament format where teams get to decide when they fish, where they fish, and how they fish. Guess what? The all new Florida Sailfish Cup makes that concept a reality with an innovative new format that enables teams to choose their own days of fishing during the course of the season! Gone are the days of an epic sailfish bite that never lands on tournament day!

The Florida Sailfish Cup covers the entire east coast of Florida with 4 fishing zones and boundaries that extend from Fernandina Beach to Key West. Winners in the Florida Cup are determined based on their total number of releases recorded over 3 days of fishing. And the kicker? Every team will have the ability to buy a mulligan day at the start of the season to replace their worst day of fishing if they choose.

In addition to the prestige of claiming victory as the top overall team in the Florida Cup, there will also be cash awards and trophies for the top team in each zone along with overall calcuttas, zone calcuttas, dailies for the zones and overall, and cash prizes for dead bait boats as well! Let the Countdown to the Cup Begin!




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