Dont Get it Twisted

Spinning reels are a must have in your offshore arsenal, particularly when it comes to targeting sailfish. However, theres nothing worse than the line twist that can occur from reeling line in and out on a spinning reel.  Most teams change the line on their spinning reels frequently to prevent line twist.  If you want to get a little more mileage out of the line on your spinning reels without changing it as often here’s a helpful tip.

At the end of a day of fishing, remove the hook from the end of the line on your spinning rods and let the line out the back of the boat with the boat moving forward at trolling speed.  Let the line out about 50 to 100 yards and close the bail. Pull the line behind the boat for a short period of time and then retrieve it.  The absence of the hook allows the line to untwist behind the boat.  And just like that you will be ready for your next trip out without line twist to start the day!

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