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Sailfish Challenge FAQ's

Can the captain also be an angler?

Yes. Completion of the captain’s section of the online registration form will qualify him or her as an angler.


Are there social passes for the tournaments?

Yes. Each team receives (6) social passes with their general entry fee into the tournaments. Additional passes may be purchased if necessary. Credentials are required for access to hospitality parties and other activities for a tournament.


Is there a general entry fee for the series?

No. Entry fees are specific to each leg of the series. However, there is an optional entry calcutta available for the series.


Where can I register for the tournaments?


Select which leg of the series and follow the REGISTER link at the top of the tournament page.

BY MAIL: (for early entry only)

Make checks payable to:

Bluewater Movements, Inc.

PO Box 50114, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074.

*Upon receipt of the check in the mail, a staff member will contact the captain to complete the registration process.

KICKOFF PARTY: Late registration will take place the evening of each kickoff party.


Can I pay with a check at the kickoff party?

No. Acceptable payment methods at the kickoff party are cash, Mastercard, Visa & AmEx ONLY. No business or personal checks will be accepted at the kickoff party.


What are the eligible species of fish?

Sailfish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, Kingfish, Cobia and Tuna


What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie in the sailfish divi- sion, winners will be determined by the team or individual that releases their last fish first.


What is the minimum weight requirement for funfish?

10 pounds


What are the hook requirements?

As required by NMFS, all teams must use a non-offset circle hook in each tournament.


Do the tournaments adhere to IGFA rules?

No.While there are aspects of the tournament rules that are consistent with IGFA standards, there are some elements of the rules that deviate from IGFA mandated rules. Contact the tournament director if there are any specific questions related to tournament rules.


How many lines can we fish?

All boats are permitted to fish up to (7) lines in the water during each tournament. A maximium of (2) artificial teasers are allowed and do not factor into the count for the permitted number of lines in the water.


What method is used to verify sailfish releases in the tournament?

All releases must be documented on video by each team as stated in the rules. SD Cards are the only acceptable form of video media in the tournament. Teams must provide their own media.

Is live chumming allowed in the tournament?

No. Live chumming is not permitted. Frozen chum is allowed.


Are teasers permitted in the tournament?

Yes.  A maximum of 2 artificial teasers are permitted in the tournament. Live bait teasers are not permitted.


What are the boundaries in the tournament?

Teams may not exit the boundaries when fighting a fish.


OPERATION SAILFISH: North: 27.15 South: 26.15 East: 79.22


SAILFISH CHALLENGE: North: 27.04 South: 25.28 East: 79.35


FINAL SAIL:  North: 26.16 South: 25.15 East: 79.37


Is there an official announcement of lines in the water?

Yes. 8am for each tournament.


What time are lines out of the water?

4pm for each tournament.

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