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South Palm Beach Report - Oct. 22 - Capt Skip Dana

October 24, 2011

While there was very little current south of Boca Inlet on the reef the current picked up a bit further up to the north.  We kite fished between the Martini glass and Boyonton Inlet on Saturday between 100 and 350 feet of water.  The Hammerhead Sharks and other reef sharks were ferocious out in 300 to 350 feet of water.  Not uncommon with all of the schools of mullet migrating down the coast.

With nothing but sharks out deeper, we slid back in on the reef where we had a few shots at Sailfish in less than a couple hours.  All of our shots came in 100 feet of water just south of Boynton Inlet using goggle eyes and blue runners.  We had a couple kingfish bites as well.  There was a report of a boat that went 20 for 29 on Sailfish north of Jupiter Inlet on Saturday.  As this cold front pushes through, many of those fish should get pushed our way.  Catchem Up!

Capt Skip

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