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September Kings

September 3, 2013

They’re not great to eat, but they are a lot of fun to catch.  We’re talking about big Kings in the summer time.  Fishing yesterday, we had a number of good bites between 260 and 370 feet of water and most of them were big Kings!  The best fish of the day was a 33-pound King that came off the downrigger about 90 feet down in 300 feet of water.

The same day, the Blue Moon fishing team landed a 45-pound King in 260 feet of water along with several other decent kings and a 20-pound wahoo.  The local drift boats have been doing well on the vermillion snappers out in the same depth of water when the current has been light enough to bottom fish out there.

Offshore, captain Chip Sheehan guided his good friend Tony on board the Rigatony to a 350-pound swordfish over the weekend.  There were reports of some other quality swords over the weekend as well.

And congrats to Scott Costolo and crew on a quality yellowfin tuna catch over the weekend.  They nabbed 4 nice tuna in the 30 to 60 pound range trolling off the corner on Friday.

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