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Captain Skip Dana Report - Broward County

March 3, 2011
Still catching snappers: muttons, tails, and mangroves in the shallow water inside the 2nd reef south of deerfield pier from 65-30 feet. Catching kings mostly on the small side and a few spanish in that same area.
When it’s been calm we’ve been wacking the tilefish from  410-425 pretty much anywhere from out front of Hillsboro to just north of commercial pier.
Still catching lot’s of blackfins and they’re starting to get a little bigger with most of them from 5-10 pounds, the charter boats are catching a handful of wahoo’s and dolphin and they are starting to cash in on the annual spring shark migration. Fish pieces of kingfish or bonita at staggered depths in 300-350 feet of water and you’re almost guaranteed a shot at a hammerhead, bullshark, or a thresher and there is always a shot at a mako. Last week a 15 foot great white was spotted nibbiling on a AJ on the Hydro wreck off Boca, anyone for a swim?
Still seeing spinner sharks on the beach every morning along with a few schools of sardines from just north of Hillsboro to the blue roof in 35-20 feet of water.
Gonna be pretty breezy this week thru Sat. so it’s a good time to get the tackle ready, the springtime king, dolphin, and tuna’s are right aroung the corner.

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