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Captain Skip Dana - Broward Report - July 12

July 12, 2011

Fishing the past couple weeks has been all about snapper. Yellowtails, muttons, mangroves, lanes, some vermilons, and a monster true red snapper. That red snapper was a surprise to say the least, at 20#’s it is one of the biggest I’ve seen in our local waters. Why we don’t catch many true reds in our waters the few we do catch are usally north of 10#’s and always on the deeper wrecks.

The yellowtails have been pretty solid up and down the reef and the best bite has been on the deeper side from 120-95 feet, the muttons have been scattered pretty much everywhere but the best numbers have been inside the 3rd reef in 65-70 feet in the sand.

The mangrove bite has been red hot right on top of the reef in 45 feet and it’s really simple fishing, cruise up and down the reef till you mark a big ball and start fishing. The bigger mango’s are very weary and line shy and usually feed better at night, but you can get them to eat if you work at it. They love grunt heads and live sardines, the sardines are pretty hit and miss right now but the "tomtate" grunts you can catch right on the reef and send them back down.

The kings are there if you put the time in, they have been in the deep from 180-220 and are down at least 100 feet, if you can get past the bonitas and blue runners the bite has been pretty decent but the bonitas have been so thick it’s almost impossible. With the bonitas as thick as they are the bullsharks are here and there’s nothing like live chumming with bonitas and getting 4 or 5 bullsharks in a frenzy just a few feet from the boat. Anybody want to go for a swim?

With the bullsharks come a few cobia and dozens of remoras, we’ve caught 6 or 8 nice cobias the past week and hundreds of remora, I’ve never seen so many.

Offshore the bite has been very hit and miss. For anyone I hear of that finds dolphin offshore, I hear many more who haven’t seen a fish. It’s been a strange year for the dolphin, they are catching fish in the keys now that they should have caught in April, hopefully they are just a little behind schedule. The wahoo bite should heat up with the full moon and with the amount of wahoo size bait around, bullet bonitas and blue runners, no doubt there will be some monsters caught in the next few weeks.

Whatever you want to fish for the best bite should be early in the morning and later in the afternoon and evening, especially for the snappers. Good luck if you go, remember you can’t catch em from the couch.

Capt. Skip Dana

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