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Capt Skip Dana - Broward County June 26

June 26, 2012

Fishing up and down the reef the past couple of weeks has been very inconsistent, especially with the crazy weather we’ve had. The days that the conditions have been right, east wind and north current, the fishing has been great almost springtime like.  Kings, tunas, some dolphin, and great snapper fishing. But we can’t get the conditions to last for more than a day or two. We’ve had lots of south current and west wind which always pushes in cold water this time of year, while it’s not always a bad thing, that cold water pushes in the deep water species, vermilions, pink porgies, snowy and warsaw groupers. When we are trying to catch kings and tunas it’s the kiss of death.

We did have a couple really nice days last week, one morning trip we had 10 kings from 15-28 pounds, a 32 pound blackfin, and a nice catch of snappers. Another afternoon, we slammed the snappers 30 tails, 6 muttons from 4-10 pounds, and a nice black grouper. Those snappers were all caught in dirty tide water south of Hillsboro Inlet from 25-40 feet inside the 2nd reef.
The bonitas are starting to show up, which means the bullsharks are following them, and the cobia are following the bullsharks. The food chain in action. We’ve pulled a couple cobias off the sharks before all this nasty weather the last few days. The next time you get in a full fledged bonita attack tie one off to the boat and try to get the sharks to come to the boat, usually the cobia will be right behind them. Good luck if you can get out, hopefully this weather will calm down before the weekend.
Capt. Skip

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