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Capt. Skip Dana - Broward County - Early Fall

September 19, 2012
After the recent tropical storm the bottom fishing really went off. A combination of rough weather for more than a few days, lot’s of rain, and low pressure is the perfect recipe to turn the bite on.
As soon as we were able to get back out after the storm the bite was on, lot’s of red groupers and nice muttons, along with yellowtails, kingfish, and a few cobia. The bite was red hot for over a week before it started to taper off. Our best trip was 6 big red groupers, 20 muttons, along with lots of tails and a cobia. Now that the after the storm bite slowed, we are starting to get into our normal early fall pattern. The yellowtail and mutton bite will be steady until it peaks sometime in late October or early November depending on how quickly the weather cools down and if we get another tropical storm. If we get a storm close to the full moons in either October or November the bite can be epic.
We are still catching kings pretty steady, most of the fish are smaller than the fish we get in spring and early summer but there are still a few smokers to be had. Try fishing with the downriggers out a little deeper from 150 to 300 feet with the baits down at least 100 feet to catch a big king or a wahoo this time of year. Goggle eyes, runners, speedos, and bullet bonitas are all money baits. 
There has been lots of bait inside Hillsboro for the past couple weeks. Big schools of pilchards, sardines, threadfins, and a few early schools of mullet have been inside the bridge, and along the beaches both inside and outside of the inlet. As soon as we get a couple cold fronts the big push of mullet will start working their way down the beach and big tarpon, jacks, sharks, snook, and sometimes big kings will be right with them.
Right after the mullet move through is usually the start of sailfish season, and that will be another report to come. Tight lines and good luck if you get out.
Capt. Skip Dana

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