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Capt. Art Sapp Nov. Report- Sailfish Season Begins!

November 7, 2012

We are very fortunate here in south Florida in that we always have some sailfish around. There is however a season in which we see large numbers of them traveling south through our local waters. Typically that season starts in late November and continues through April. 

During this season we have quite a few highly competitive tournaments targeting these fish that are traveling through the area. Like any other competitive venture, it is a good idea to practice as much as possible (really just an excuse to go fishing).  Saturday November 3 was one of those days. I left the dock hoping to get 6 to 8 shots.  Little did I know the conditions were perfect for fall sailfish fishing. We started our day off Highland Beach with very light wind and a touch of north current.  The water was less than perfect in that it had a slight green color to it. We fished there for an hour with only one small shark.  We made a move to Boynton in hopes of finding better water. As luck would have it we found a nice modeled edge in 200 feet of water in an area known as the martini glass. To add to our fortune the wind came up to a steady 15 knots. It was a little strange though in that we were seeing sails free jumping inshore and offshore of us but none on the edge. I felt it was a matter of time before they moved in on the edge and our fun would begin.  When we did get our first bite it came in the form of a triple header. The action was nonstop for four hours until we were almost out of bait. The final tally came to an astonishing 18 for 23, of which there were two quadruple headers and two triple headers. Not to mention a 15 pound dolphin and a large skipjack tuna. It truly was an incredible day of early season sailfish fishing.

I am hoping this is only a sign that we will be having many double digit days throughout the season. So if that sounds like fun to you make sure that you get out there and experience a double digit day for yourself.

Capt. Art Sapp 

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