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Broward Report - Capt. Skip Dana

September 9, 2011

Fishing the past couple weeks on the reef has still been all about the snappers. Big yellowtails and muttons along with some vermilions and mangroves.

As Hurricane Emily closed in on us a few weeks back and most people were in panic mode at Publix buying all the water and Chef Boyardee they could fit in a cart, we couldn’t wait for the storm to pass so we could get out and put a thumping on the muttons and red groupers. Normally when we have a storm pass, the seas get rough and turn into a milky white, the pressure drops, and for some reason we have a couple spots that the muttons and red groupers stack up like cordwood.

Fortunately for all of us in South Florida the storm was pretty much a nonevent unless you have Home Depot stock. But we still couldn’t wait to get out and see if the big ground swell the storm produced and the little bit of rough seas we had were enough to stack the fish up.

The first day we were able to fish was the Friday after the storm and the fish didn’t stack up like we normally see. The water was still pretty clean and not much of a ground sea. We still caught plenty of fish: yellowtails and a few mutttons but normally after a storm it can get epic. But buy the end of the day Friday the ground swell kept getting bigger and bigger. It actually got so big, we cancelled our night trips. The swells wiped out all the signs on the markers at the inlet and bent a couple of them.

When we got out on Saturday the swell had died down, but the magic happened. The water was dirty and when we got to the spot, it was go time. The muttons were there. Not crazy thick but we had great fishing for 4 days straight ave.aging 15-20 muttons a trip along with some tails and a few cobia. After that bite slowed down the muttons scattered back out but the tails kicked in and we had a few great days on the tails. Now we’re back to our normal reef and wreck routine-- still getting a lot of tails and some nice muttons up to 10#’s, and we had a 30# cobia yesterday morning.

The swordfish bite has been red hot the past week, both daytiming and at night.

Offshore, the dolphin bite has been really hit and miss, and a lot of small fish when people have got into them. The wahoo bite is starting to crank back up. I heard of 3 caught yesterday morning all on the troll from 180-300 feet off the steeple.

If you’re into it, the lobsters have been pretty thick too. They didn’t walk after the storm went buy but it definately stirred them up. Everyone I know that has gone is limiting out pretty easily.

Good luck if you go!

Capt. Skip

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