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Broward County Report - Capt Skip Dana 8/21/11

August 22, 2011
The fishing out of Hillsboro has been red hot for the past few weeks, either along the edge, or on a reef or wreck you couldn’t miss. Along the edge the kingfish bite was off the hook for the weeks leading up to the Saltwater Showdown and it didn’t seem to matter where you fished. From lauderdale to jupiter the bite was consitent and pretty much the same with loads of fish in the 10-15 pound range and quite a few nicer fish from 20-30 pounds and bigger. As is normal this time of year the fish will tend to stay out a little deeper than they do in the springtime, where you might fish from 110-130 earlier in the year these late summer fish will tend to be from 140-190 and deeper, sometimes as deep as 300 feet and don’t forget the downrigger, it is a prime weapon in the arsenal this time of year especially with the fish hanging in the deeper water it’s not uncommon to be fishing well over 200 feet with the downriggers set at over 100 feet or deeper and getting so many bites it’s hard to keep up. The wahoo bite has been excellent in the week’s leading up to this last full moon. Quite a few have been taken on the troll both high speeding and planer fishing. I prefer to slow troll live baits on the downriggers for them, much the same way we kingfish but tending to stay a little deeper say from 150-400.
The snapper bite has been on fire for most of the summer but we had a coldwater upwelling which kind of threw a wrench in the yellowtail and mutton fishing for a couple weeks but it made for some fantastic vermilion snapper and pink porgy fishing. When we have upwellings push in cold water it pushes fish that ususally stay out much deeper shallower in search of warmer water. When this happens we are able to target fish that we normally don’t catch shallower than 200 feet, in as shallow as 80 feet. The most recent upwelling moved in about 3 weeks ago and we were catching limits of giant vermilion snapper in 90 feet of water, and these weren’t the normal 12-15 inch vermi’s, these were monsters over 20 inches and pushing 3 pounds. We also put a hurting on some real nice pink porgies and big lane snappers too.
With all the upwellings pushing back out the snapper bite has gotten back to normal. Lot’s of Tails, muttons, and mangroves. The past few days with west wind and really calm conditions we’ve been taking advantage of those conditions and have been able to fish some wrecks we know hold some really nice fish but don’t have the opportunity to fish as often as we’d like. Almost all the wrecks out of hillsboro between 120 and 180 are COVERED with huge schools of cigar minnows. In those schools of cigar minnows are everything you can imagine, kings, bonitas, wahoo, cobia, and every type of jack you can imagine. But what you probably never thought of is giant yellowtail snappers. In the past few days we have been wacking the yellowtails, not really putting up huge numbers but the fish are monsters with most of them over 20 inches and the biggest 25 inches and a little over 4 pounds which for a local Pompton tail is a monster. We’ve been catching between 25-45 of these slobs a trip along with some nice African Pompano’s. Conditions look the same thru Wedensday to I’m hoping the bite will keep up. Good luck if you get out.

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