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Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series

$300,000 Jackpot, $1,000 Entry.  Click here for more info!!

True champions don’t make pit stops in victory lane – they live there.  That is the driving concept behind the highly touted ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish Series.  This iconic series hosts some of the best billfishing teams on the face of the planet.  Teams in this 3-leg series are expected to compete for an estimated purse of $1.9 million in 2019. However, the most coveted award – The Crest - doesn't come in the form of a cash prize. 

The Crest represents the pinnacle of tournament sailfishing. It is viewed as the highest accolade bestowed upon a team.  Presented in jacket form, competitors must emerge as the most dominant among an elite field in order to don this coat of arms.  Much like Nascar’s ‘Sprint Cup’, teams accumulate points based on where they finish in each leg of the series.  Perform at a high level and do it often.  That is what it takes to claim the Crest and the jacket.



There are 3 legs in the series spread out from West Palm Beach to Key West, FL.  Leg 1, Operation Sailfish, will be held on January 16-20 at the historic Sailfish Marina on Singer Island. The second leg of the series, The Sailfish Challenge, boasts its status as the largest sailfish tournament in the country. Held on February 20-24, the Sailfish Challenge has a unique 3-inlet format, however, Ft. Lauderdale is home base for the event with an exciting kickoff party hosted at the International Game Fish Association and an incredible awards ceremony hosted on the water at Blue Moon Fish Company.  The final leg of the series, Final Sail, is held in Miami on April 3-7 hosted at the Double Tree Grand in Miami. World class fishing in the peak of sailfish season is what this grand finale of the series is all about!

Privilege is earned.  That is the motto that resides on the scroll of the Crest.  The team who is fortunate enough to claim the burgundy jacket will most definitely earn it.  Who will be the next team to join this exclusive club?  The quest begins on January 16th!




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