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Boat Builder's Throwdown

The battle of the boat builders has begun! Teams representing their manufacturers compete for the perpetual trophy and the rights to say that their boat make is the best. To be in the running, each manufacturer must have at least 3 boats representing them. The winner is based on the top 3 scores from each participating boat. How do we get these scores? The Throwdown follows the same point system as the Quest for the Crest.  1st Place boat earns 31 points, 2nd place 29 points, 3rd place 28 points etc.  The boat builder with the highest points has the privilege of displaying the perpetual trophy at their production facility until the following year of competition!

The 2017 Operation Sailfish had four qualifying builders and two of them went head to head on the results board. With Utopia coming in 2nd, the Boat Builders Throwdown was awarded to SeaVee with a total of 72 points. Team Native Son and Advanced Roofing/Sailsmen contributed to the SeaVee score as well. 


Congratulations to SeaVee Boats, winner of the 2017 Boat Builders Throwdown at Operation Sailfish!


2017 Operation Sailfish Boat Builder's Throwdown Results:


SeaVee: 72 points

Viking: 59 points

Spencer: 56 points






Which boat builders will accept the challenge this year? 

bluewater movement - recent news
bluewater movement - recent news