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Young Guns Claims Record Setting Purse at 2012 Slam

June 12, 2012

Young Guns Captures the Largest Purse Ever in the Saltwater Slam!

POMPANO BEACH, FL— 88 boats cleared Hillsboro Inlet on June 9th on a mission to conquer the 17th Annual Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam .  More often than not, the teams that have performed the best in the Slam are those that have resisted the temptation to run long distances in search of the winning catch.  2012 would prove to be no different.

Lance Irvine and his Young Guns fishing team were one of the teams that resisted that temptation.  Fishing between Delray and Boynton Inlet, his team managed to catch 3 Kings between 12 and 19 pounds, a 13.2 pound Dolphin and a 69.44 pound Wahoo for a combined total of 129.86 points and their first ever victory in a PBSC tournament.  With a weighable Kingfish, Dolphin  & Wahoo, Irvine’s team also won the $10,620 purse in the KDW Jackpot.  Their 69.44 pound Wahoo was also the heaviest fish of the tournament – a feat that earned them an additional $14,520.  Irvine was also the top male angler in the tournament and he and his son Hunter, earned top family honors as well.  Net, net, Young Guns collected a paycheck for $40,520 – the largest payout in the history of the Saltwater Slam.

Captain Casey Hunt and his Flight Plan fishing team finished in 2nd place in the 1st leg of the PBSC fishing off Jupiter.  In the Slam, Casey decided to pull back the throttles closer to home.   They spent most of their time between Delray and Hillsboro Inlet.  Flight Plan had the best Kingfish catch of the tournament with 4 Kings ranging between 18 and 35.5 pounds.  They finished in 2nd place overall in the Slam tournament as well, earning a check for $16,762.  With two back-to-back 2nd place finishes, Hunt’s team also established a commanding lead in the Simrad Showdown Crown points race for the top team of the year award.

Another boat that stayed close to home was the Reel Line fishing team.  Captain Jason Miller and his team didn’t have much in the way of quantity, but if you measure success in terms of quality, they stole the show!  Fishing a dead sardine on a down rod in 130 feet of water off of the Steeple in Pompano Beach, his son Jarrod Miller fought what he thought was a shark for near 40 minutes only to discover it was a mammoth Cobia.  The fish tipped the scales at 67.18 pounds – a new Slam record and the largest Cobia ever weighed in the history of the PBSC series. 

Robbie Buckley’s Kimbuktu team finished 3rd overall with 102.79 points, followed by No Mercy in 4th with 100.83 points and O-Sea-D in 5th with 99.88 points.  Kimbuktu and No Mercy sit in 2nd and 3rd place behind Flight Plan in the Simrad Showdown Crown points chase.

Total purse for the 2012 Saltwater Slam was in excess of $104,000. For a complete list of results from the Slam, visit   For more information on the upcoming 2012 Saltwater Showdown, please call 954-725-4010 or visit


2012 Saltwater Slam Results

Top Teams:

1st             Young Guns                           129.86 pts                             $7,500

2nd           Flight Plan                              113.87 pts                             $3,250

3rd            Kimbuktu                                102.79 pts                             $2,000

4th            No Mercy                                100.83 pts                             $1,500

5th            O-Sea-D                                  99.88 pts                             $1,250

6th            Pole Dancer                              90.07 pts                             $1,000

7th            Killer Buzzz                              89.91 pts                              $900

8th            Rebound                                  88.65 pts                              $800

9th            Makin TIme                              84.67 pts                              $700

10th         Shameless                                83.96 pts                               $600


Top Anglers:

Male                        Lance Irvine/Young Guns                94.43 pts              $500

Female                    Tiff McNulty/Direct Threat               40.86 pts              $500

Junior                      Danny Ging/OM 31                       22.86 pts

PeeWee                Matthew White Jr/O-Sea-D                70.16 pts


Heaviest Fish:

Dolphin                  Joe Dingman/Double Trouble                      33.05 lbs               $750

Wahoo                   Lance Irvine/Young Guns                           69.55 lbs               $750                       

Kingfish                 Chris Meek/Flight Plan                               35.52 lbs               $750

Tuna                     Anthony Elias/Wild Kat                              27.55 lbs               $750

Cobia                   Jarrod Miller/Reel Line                                67.18 lbs               $750


Top Average Joe Team:

Killer Buzzz           88.91 pts                                $2,000


Top Small Boat:

Pole Dancer        90.07 pts                                $1,000


Top Family Team:

Young Guns         94.43 pts


Notable Winnings:

Young Guns                           $40,520

Flight Plan                            $16,762


Please see for additional payouts.

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