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Tropically Impaired Wins 2012 Shootout

May 14, 2012

Tropically Impaired/Tito’s Claims Victory at Saltwater Shootout

POMPANO BEACH, FL – Bumpy seas did not deter 121 teams from competing in the 14th annual Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Shootout on Saturday, May 12th.  The strong easterly breeze kicked up the seas and the fishing action.  Tropically Impaired/Tito’s started the 2012 season the same way they finished it up in 2011 – with a victory.  Captain Ryan Tubbs, Kyle Peterson, Ryan Peterson, Chris Lemieux, Leyna Lemieux, Shane Pompa and Travis Suit won the August Saltwater Showdown event in 2011 – the championship event in the 3-leg PBSC series.  9 months later they returned for the start of the 2012 season and picked right up where they left off in August. Tubbs’ team weighed 3 Tunas and 4 Kings for a grand total of 167.26 pounds and $20,428 in winnings.

Captain Casey Hunt and his team aboard the 66’ Spencer Flight Plan, proved that the big boys can compete with the center consoles in the meat fish tournaments too.  Hunt’s team weighed 4 Kings, a Tuna and a Cobia for a total of 162.27 pounds in 2nd place.  They earned a check for $9,994 in second.  The SeaVee/Mercury Reel Tension Liquid Skillstorm fishing teams took 3rd &  4th place in the tournament with 157.87 points and 151.94 points each.  Team Bandit, an SKA team, rounded out the top 5 with 4 Kings and a Tuna totaling 146.22 pounds.

Fishing with Jim Armstrong, a founding member of the Southern Kingfish Association, Captain Dick Russell and his Brute Dusky 23 won top SKA team honors in the 2012 Shootout with a 45.67-pound King caught by Jim.  That fish netted over $10,300 for the team.

Both the KDW and Pick 3 categories did not yield a winner at the Shootout, so their purses will roll into the next leg of the series – The Mercury/SeaVee Saltwater Saltwater Slam on June 9th.  The KDW is expected to reach $10,000 in June and the Pick 3 is expected to exceed $15,000.

The heaviest fish of the tournament, a 45.83-pound King was landed by Mark Null on the Wet Hooker fishing team.  Null’s team spent an extra $150 to enter the added value Bluewater Challenge category for the heaviest fish of the tournament.  That bet earned them a check for $11,475.  Not a bad ROI.

Prior to the season, Tournament Director, Jamie Bunn, introduced a new division called the Greenhorn TNT, a promotion geared towards attracting new teams to the tournament.  “New teams are vital to the life line of these tournaments,” said Bunn.  “We thought it would be fun to get some new teams hooked on our events by offering them the chance to enter the tournament for free.”  3 teams won free entries into the Shootout from the Greenhorn TNT promotion.  The wind and the waves on the morning of the tournament would test the true grit of their Greenhorn status.  Lilith fishing team was the only team that answered the call.  The other 2 winners did not clear the inlet on tournament morning.  At the awards ceremony on Sunday, Lilith team members dawned their viking helmets and hoisted their trophy in full glory!  Capt Sig would have been proud!

Several other teams earned nice paychecks in the Shootout because of the variety of categories offered. Team Even Flow claimed the top Average Joe Team honors along with their 15th place finish earning a total of $4,690. Top Small Boat, Team Adversity, took home $4,895. Total prize money for the 2012 Saltwater Shootout was $103,715. For more information on the 2012 Saltwater Slam on June 9, please call 954-725-4010 or visit


2012 Saltwater Shootout Results

Top Teams:

1st            Tropically Impaired/Tito’s             167.26                    $7,500

2nd           Flight Plan                                162.27                    $3,250

3rd            Reel Tension                             157.87                    $2,000

4th            Liquid Skillstorm                        151.94                    $1,500

5th            Bandit                                     146.22                    $1,250

6th            Counterpoint                             144.79                    $1,000

7th            Livin the Dream/Goin Off             139.18                    $900

8th            Stuff It II                                 137.35                    $800

9th            Rebound                                   132.91                    $700

10th         No Mercy                                    125.51                    $600


Top Anglers:

Male                        Tom Bardes/Rebound                                110.95                    $500

Female                   Sherri Beswick/Spiced Rum III                      53.24                      $500

Junior                      Zane Colson/Counterpoint                           102.05

Pee-Wee               Tommy Tight/Off the Wall                              56.41


Heaviest Fish:

Dolphin                      Pat Wolfe/McMan                   36.45                       $750

Wahoo                   Bryce Statham/Shameless           27.41                       $750

Kingfish                    Mark Null/Wet Hooker              45.83                       $750

Tuna                         Charles Allen/Slappin Tails        33.91                      $750

Cobia                       Craig Maret/Flight Plan             32.57                       $750



Other Categories:

Top Average Joe Team   Even Flow                     108.53                    $2,000

Top Small Boat            Team Adversity               98.37                     $1,000

Top Family Team          Tropically Impaired         148.35

Top SKA Team             Brute Dusky 23              45.67                      $10,330


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