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R&R Live Bait Tubes

February 11, 2019

Tournament anglers are constantly in search of techniques that can give them an extra edge when the money is on the line.  Captain Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Charters and owner of R&R Tackle has devoted his entire life to perfecting his craft as a charter boat captain and tournament competitor.  His innovative thinking has contributed to much of his success on and off the water.  

R&R has recently introduced a new triple tube live bait system that is certain to grab the attention of top teams in the sport.  The tubes are very similar in concept to traditional tuna tubes, only much smaller in size and geared for the most common live baits used in South Florida, such as goggle eyes and thredfin herring.  

bait tubes

The tubes can be attached to your boat or baitwells via suction cups or a mounted bracket also offered by R&R.  Each tube has its own valve to be able to independently control the flow of water.  The beauty of this system is that it enables a crew to bridle the baits and have them ready to go at the instant you want to deploy your spread.  Or maybe a backup set of rods when you need to change baits out quickly. The tubes also contain pre-drilled holes to store your rigging needles.  Very clever.  For more information and dealer locations, visit

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