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Operation Sailfish Hits $530,000 Payout!

January 22, 2014

Operation Sailfish Hits $530,000 Payout!


# of Boats: 44                                                           Total # of Releases: 369

The competition was fierce and the anxiety was high when 44 boats cleared Lake Worth Inlet for the chance to claim victory in the richest sailfish tournament in West Palm Beach. Operation Sailfish took place December 13th and 14th at Sailfish Marina in Singer Island with a purse in excess of $528,000 up for grabs. Despite a tough battle and rough seas, team Miss Annie took home a check for $165,220, Altier champion dog tags, the first place title and the points lead in the first leg of the Quest for the Crest Series.

Day 1 of the competition was anyone’s game.  A new team to the Quest, Team Fish On, lived up to their name. With a steady pace throughout the day, Team Fish On ended Day 1 strong with a total of 10 releases. Team Get Lit, Doing it All/Hardway and Miss Annie were not far behind with 9 releases each.  The competition was not the only battle on Day 2.  10-foot seas met the boats as they cleared the inlet.  Slicing through the waves, team ProPayroll tamed the ocean as they called in release after release.  Rounding day 2 off with 11 releases, ProPayroll claimed the first place title in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 dailies and a check for over $64,000. Team Qualifier also proved their mastery as they jumped ahead on the board for Day 2 with 9 releases. Miss Annie followed in third with 8 releases beating Vitamin Sea II and Reel Tight on time.

Overall, with a 4th place finish in Day 1 and a 3rd place finish in Day 2, Team Miss Annie won the title of the 2013 Operation Sailfish champions with a total of 17 releases. Get Lit finished in second with 15 releases. Get Lit beat the 3rd place team, Qualifier and the 4th place team, Jichi on time.  Get Lit took home a check for $95,630! Andrew Kennedy on Irish Twin had a total of 8 releases guaranteeing his spot as Master Angler. Our top female angler, Susan McCart of Absolut Joy wasn’t too far behind with 6 releases.  She captured the Top Female angler title for the second year in a row.  Ken Boyer of team Gladiator won Top Senior Angler and James David Jr. of Jichi was the top Junior Angler.  He also caught the largest fish of the tournament, a 75.2-pound Wahoo, which earned the team a bonus payout of $13,500. With Miss Annie in 1st and Qualifier in 3rd, the Boat Builders Throwdown was awarded to Viking with a total of 76 points. The Throwdown follows the same point system as the Quest for the Crest. Team Irish Twin contributed 17 points to the Viking score as well.

The military undertones of Operation Sailfish were also highlighted throughout the week. On December 12th, several of the Operation Sailfish teams participated in the “Take a Hero Fishing Day”, where service men and women were invited out for a day of Sailfishing. The “Take a Hero Fishing Day” was accomplished with the help of Operation Homefront, a national 501c(3) military based charity and beneficiary of Operation Sailfish. Several soldiers had the opportunity to catch their first Sailfish ever.


Operation Sailfish is the first leg in the Quest for the Crest series. 3 more legs remain before the #1 Sailfishing team in the world is crowned. Leg 2, the Sailfish Challenge, takes place February 6th-9th in Ft. Lauderdale. The series concludes on April 9-12 in Miami. The Crest jacket is awaiting the winner.  For a complete list of the point standings in the Crest race, visit   


Top Teams:

  1. Miss Annie    17 releases               -   $165,220
  2. Get Lit    15 releases                         -   $95,630
  3. Qualifier   15 releases                     -   $43,820
  4. Jichi   15 releases                               -   $39,120
  5. Doing it All/Hardway   14 releases - $22,700
  6. Rock Star   13 releases                    -   $5,000
  7. Fish On   12 releases                         -   $34,200
  8. Sandman   12 releases                    -   $21,280           
  9. Vitamin Sea II 12 releases            -   $17,280
  10. ProPayroll   12 releases                   -   $65,760

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