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Multimedia is Our Forte


You want the most out of your advertising dollar and we aim to give it to you. With your help, we’ll define your demographic and your needs to align you with the best event and the most effective marketing campaign to achieve your goals. Our events offer a multitude of media vehicles that can be built into sponsorship packages:





 • Print Media
(Magazines, Brochures, Posters, Date Cards )


We produce full-color magazines and or brochures for each of our seven tournaments with a circulation of approximately 8,000 copies per event.  The magazines and brochures are distributed in retail locations from Miami up to Jupiter, FL and mailed directly to the homes of the anglers on our private mailing list. They appear in area tackle shops, marine retail outlets, boat shows, other fishing tournaments and various fishing and boating clubs. Circulation time is approximately 45 days per issue.  These publications are the centerpiece of our events.  As an advertiser, trust us, you want to be here!  ADVERTISING & BANNER SPECIFICATIONS   








• Editorial Features & Press Releases
 (Tournament Magazines, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Florida Sportsman, Florida Sportfishing)

Count on Bluewater Movements to keep awareness about our events at peak levels through our relationships with the local, regional and national press.  We distribute pre and post event press releases for all of our events and are frequently covered by national fishing magazines as well as the local newspapers.  More eyes watching us, means more eyes are focused on you as a sponsor.   


out  of home

 • Out of Home
(Boat Wraps, Event Signage, POP, Logo Branding on Angler Shirts)


We can and have implemented traditional billboard campaigns as components of our clients advertising packages.  Do you like to think outside the box?  If so, we can take it one step further for you too.  Utilizing a full-size boat wrap, we can convert our tournament boat into a moving waterway billboard to promote your brand during our tournament events.  We also have strategic relationships with other top teams here in South Florida that we can leverage to extend your boat wrap visibility to other competitors on the South Florida tournament trail as well.








• Internet
(Web Banners, Links, Video Spots)

All salt.  No Sugar.  24/7.  That’s right…at we pride ourselves on delivering the best fishing tournaments and the best fishing tournament websites which include fresh content and other useful tools to generate great traffic on a recurring basis to our websites.  As an advertiser, we can embed your brand into the websites in a number of unique ways to deliver the results you are seeking.  ADVERTISING & BANNER SPECIFICATIONS   








Email Marketing


(Newsletters, Product Spotlights)



If you are a saltwater fishing enthusiast looking for hot tips, the latest trends, fishing reports and other useful fishing information, you are bound to find it in FishHead Soup™, our dedicated email newsletter.  This is a content driven resource with only one area of the entire newsletter allocated for a product or service spotlight.  As an advertiser, you can rest assured you will be noticed inside FishHead Soup™.  Over 7,000 people have subscribed to our newsletter to date.












social media 




• Social Media

(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest)

Viral marketing has had a tremendous impact on how companies of all sizes approach their marketing strategies these days.  Social media is a big part of our marketing efforts here at Bluewater Movements.  As a partner, there are a number of ways that we can help you grow your social network, your brand awareness and subsequently, your bottom line!


direct mail






• Direct Mail Marketing
(Access to private mailing lists)

Interested in a targeted mailing to avid South Florida anglers?  We are your concierge to do just that.  Over the past 15 years, we have amassed quite a database of contacts from anglers that have fished our tournaments and other promotions that we have run.  Looking to target specific area codes?  We can help you do that too.  Ask about our signature hand insert service inside our tournament magazines too!









• Video Production
(Corporate Identity, Product Showcases)

Need a quick video to help support a new promotion inside your campaign with us?  Or how about a general video to bolster your corporate identity?  We have broadcast quality video production equipment and editing stations to develop a piece that will make your brand shine!



• Event Participation
(Booth Displays, Team Sponsorship)

Driving business is all about building relationships.  Grass roots marketing offers the #1 channel for you to strengthen the relationships between your brand and your target customers.  Join us as an event sponsor!  We can help integrate your brand into these events in ways that will bridge the gap between you and your customers and deliver better results to your bottom line!




• Networking & Hospitality
(Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Entertain Clients)


More and more businesses are recognizing the value of networking today.  At Bluewater Movements, our events offer wonderful opportunities to expand B to B relationships as well as those with your end users.  Some of the most fruitful relationships develop ‘in the field’ or ‘out of the office’ where the business atmosphere is a bit more relaxed.  We encourage you to use our events as a platform to nurture those valuable relationships with your clients and customers.


Interested? If so, feel free to submit your inquiry on the sponsorship form on the top of the site and a member of our staff will contact you very soon.