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2017 Quest for the Crest Champion

 Congratulations Sandman!


From December to April, the best sailfish anglers around the globe battle for the privilege to claim the title of world champions and don the iconic Quest for the Crest burgundy jackets. The Crest is the most prestigious award of the series.  It symbolizes achievement at the highest level in competitive sailfishing.  To don this coat of arms a team will have to perform at a high level across all four legs in the series.



This dream was realized in 2017 for Captain John Dudas and his crew on team Sandman.  They captured the title of ‘world’s best’ with a score of 107 points, generated by a 3rd place finish at Operation Sailfish in December, a 7th place finish at Salifish 400 in January, a 4th place finish at the Sailfish Challenge in February and a 3rd place finish at the Final Sail in April. 


Who will step up to the plate in 2018 and win the iconic Quest for the Crest burgundy jackets? 


 Past Winners


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bluewater movement - recent news
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